About Us

Riley-Tanis & Associates, PLLC was originally established as the law firm of MacKenzie & Gustafson. Our attorneys have been providing quality legal services to the citizens of St. Peter, MN and surrounding areas since 1962. Riley-Tanis & Associates, PLLC offers the most thorough and informative legal assistance and advice in St. Peter.

We not only know the law through long years of experience, we practice expertly in many areas. as lawyers we believe that justice is important and without it our society wouldn’t function like it should. Whether you need help drafting contracts or you need us to fight for you, we will help you achieve an optimal resolution.

Riley-Tanis & Associates, PLLC also provides expert criminal defense. When you need to prove your side without a sliver of doubt, we will help you to do so by using the most qualified legal professionals.

Whether you wish to speak to someone about an existing case or you need to know the options you have to pursue what is rightfully yours, give our firm a call at (507) 934-3430.